Silent Prayer

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  1. Why You Should Master Silent Prayer
  2. The Power of Silent Prayer - Ignatian Spirituality
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From this, we know that in order to draw closer to God — to move from stage to stage of our relationship with Him — we must embrace the Holy Spirit and allow Him to direct our lives. Although it may seem counter-intuitive given a conventional understanding of silence, we will only be able to achieve this docility to the Holy Spirit in silence, as Mary did. Cardinal Sarah points out that. He is silent by His divine nature.

The Spirit asks in silence from all eternity.

Why You Should Master Silent Prayer

Personally, I've come to appreciate the power of silent prayer over the past few years, especially in the form of adoration before the Eucharist. I used to not particularly care for adoration; I've always found unscripted prayer to be difficult and found it hard to come up with something to say in front of that monstrance. However, over the last little while, I've realized that sometimes it's not necessary to have anything to say. I'm guilty of defaulting to saying "Listen Lord, your servant is speaking", rather than "Speak Lord, your servant is listening" 1 Samuel as Samuel did in the Old Testament.

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Yes, prayer is a two-way street, but it is often better to let God speak first, and silent, private prayer is especially conducive to allowing Him to do that. There is no better way to echo Samuel's words than to be silent and listen for God's voice. Stephen Walters. Contact Us. Silence is not an absence Silence is typically defined as a negative. The Oxford English Dictionary defines silence as: "Complete absence of sound, the fact of state of abstaining from speech, the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something, or a short appointed period of time during which people stand still and do not speak as a sign of respect for a dead person or group of people".

Cardinal Sarah says: "Silence is not an absence. Cardinal Sarah uses the image of a relationship to describe the power of silence in prayer: "When we are lovers, we always notice the slightest gesture of the one whom we love. Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks. Subscribe Subscribe. Weekly Magazine Daily Dose. Ask the Rabbi.

The Power of Silent Prayer - Ignatian Spirituality

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The Silent Prayer

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I Am Not in Charge

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